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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: May 9, 2019 9:12am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Spring tour 91 - Albany (no Bruce)


The Dead return to the spot of that good run frm the year before . No Bruce for this run, and there does seem to be a bit of lack of adventure . The first half of the first set is just ok, “Loser” (like the one from the same spot the year before) is really very good .This continues with a strong “Cassidy” into the third “New Speedway” , which is maybe a step down form the previous two comeback versions, by my reckoning, but ends the set nicely . The jacked up crowd sure like it !
Set has sort of the same situation as the first, as it begins ok, but gets better . “Iko”, “Saint”, “SOF”, we finally “get our grub on” jam wise in the set with “Playin’”, but it sounds like they miss Bruce here, but s’aright . Thing pick up in a big way with “Watchtower”, which makes the case for the Dead version as well as any . And one of the best things about their “Watchtower”, is that it is often followed by their “Morning Dew as it is here . Maybe not letter perfect, but hard not to be caught up int it . Out of the aftermath of apocalyptic desolation we get “One More Saturday Night” . I recommend just skipping it to the encore or another good “Heaven’s Door” . I actually think Vince is pretty tasteful here . And perhaps it is the then current war , that gives it a touch more gravitas .
Again a show that must have been fun to be at (listen to the crowd on the AUDs) , but is uneven in the cold light of my speakers .
Highlights: “Loser”, “Cassidy”, “New Speedway” , “Watchtower”, “Morning Dew” , “Heaven’s Door” .
Hard to recommend one source . This Charlie Miller SBD lets you hear the details, good and bad, and is super dry.
This 24 bit Keo AUD really pus you there
This AUD, that has better balance, but not as much air as then Keo .

They open with another return to a selection that shined in 1990 Knickerbocker run, “Help>Slip>Frank” . Once you adjust to Vince’s sound, this is a great listen on the SBD . On the AUD things sound more integrated, but it is harder to hear what Phil, and Bob are playing . Most of the rest of the set is in an up mood, Bob maybe laying it on a little much On “Desolation Row”, and Jerry galloping up to the set break with “Deal” .
Average “Samson” to start the set . Better than average “China >Rider” next up . I can never figure Bob Weir out . At times he is such a deep, subtle, musician, totally unique . But then there are those incompressible lapses of taste . “Looks Like Rain” is a lovely song, but he punctures the pathos of the song with his “showmanship” in those screaming crowd baiting finales, which sound like someone has haded him a million bucks, rather than the loss of a love one . Speaking of lovely, the first minute of “Wheel” here . The song, and “Miracle” after it, just ok . Maybe the best thing in the set, is “Standing on The Moon” . Not the most heroic version, but Garcia digs deep in our souls . “Good Lovin’, and “US Blues” and on to the next night .
Highlights : “Help>Slip>Frank” “China >Rider”, SOTM” .
And the Charlie Miller SBD

“Shakedown” gets the ball rolling with 16 min. of shake your bones fun .A good one .
Mostly average to good rest of the set, with the surprise “Hight Time: right in the middle . Kinda cool “Promised Land >Touch” to end the set .
Shake it up a bit with “Greatest Story” to open set 2 . “Crazy Finger” As you might guess by now, I love this song . And so this one though I wish the had spent more time before “Trucking”, with in turn goes into “Spoonful” . Nothing to make one forget ones sung by Jack Bruce (att: WILLIAM TELL : CREAM REFERENCE) , or , Lord have mercy, Howlin’ Wolf , but a nice bit none the less . But much better is the “Russian Lullaby” jam that it goes into before the drums . About 6 min. into “Space” you start to hear the Other one being formed . 10 min. later the first verse . By later day standards, the song it self is pretty jammed out, though only about 6 min. The whole build up and song are an enjoyable ride . Rest of the set is average, except for the “Throwing Stones” not being followed by “NFA” (thank you) but by the “Playing reprise”, finishing business from the first show of the run on the 23rd .
The encore is a unusual choice “Lovelight” .
In all , an uneven show from a uneven run .
Highlights: “Shakedown””HighTime”, “Crazy Fingers” “Russian Lullaby jam” “Space>Other One” .
Good AUD Set 2 only .Worth it for the how Garcia guitar sounds in “Crazy Fingers “ .
Whole show from Andrew F

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Poster: billydlions Date: May 9, 2019 11:36pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Spring tour 91 - Albany (no Bruce)

“Once you adjust to Vince’s sound”

Is that possible?

Bruce was the only saving grace at this time and without him the band was mailing it in.

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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: May 9, 2019 11:48pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Spring tour 91 - Albany (no Bruce)

Maybe I should have said "if you can listen past Vince's sound" . I was mainly referring to the mix on the SBD on that part of the show . But It is hard to not notice, especially compared to these Vince only shows in Albany, and Uniondale, how inspired they could be with Bruce . Funny thing though,is that the Vince only shows at Oakland have some great music going on .